Cronkite Awards

Cronkite Awards for Climate Education - Highlights

This coverage of the inaugural Earth Day celebration rallied over 20 million Americans.

Those who ignored Earth Day, well that’s one thing. Those who ignore the crisis of our planet, that’s quite another. The indifferent have missed the point – that to clean up the air and earth and water in the few years science says we have left to us, means personal involvement and personal sacrifice. America must undertake a revolution in its way of life – to scale down its standards of living. Someday, the world will be a better place — if it listens and acts… to clean up the mess that each of us has made. What is at stake, and what is in question, is our survival.

This is Walter Cronkite.

This one-hour hybrid Awards Ceremony featured live and virtual in multiple locations with VIP speakers and this year’s Award recipients. Read newsletter.

About Walter Cronkite’s Leadership & The Stone Soup Leadership Institute


Upon his passing in 2009, the Institute launched the Walter Cronkite Award Ceremony to honor his wisdom and his leadership. At the gala event on Martha’s Vineyard. Awards were presented by Mr. Cronkite’s family to honor those who were using the power of the media to create positive change in the world..

New York City

Martha's Vineyard